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I mean c’mon lets evaluate something here if you’re a dababy fan and you’re reading this then you can’t deny that he is a complete breath of fresh air. I mean

Are you kidding me right now, anyways this guy is extremely underrated just saying and on that note in this very short writeup, i bring to you the top 10 dababy songs and collabs that if you haven’t heard you’ve probably been living under a rock. LETS GOOOOOOOOO

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you when I see you, pls a reminder about Dear DEE and Influencer of the day challenge, you can also suggest what next I could write about anywho peace out

Hi everyone, Dee here, i really don’t have exactly what to write about but i know what this can be to you all, think of it a safe space to share your ideas or better still talk to me about anything you choose via my email or here if you’d like. In the mean time or for now whatever, i was never really good with grammar, or math or science… so basically this whole educational system is the most biased piece of shit I’ve ever come across. Anyways, This is my top 10 of songs for the day enjoy:


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